Our specially designed body treatments utilize exclusive marine formulations, finest oils and plant extracts. Our focus is to provide you with an effective approach to beauty and wellness and to experience the true benefits of nature. Our professional therapists will guide you through an exquisite spa experience.

Please refrain from shaving prior to your body treatment.

Personal Coastal Escape
Start out your vacation relaxed and centered with a balanced state of mind. The treatment  begins a gentle dry body exfoliation and a relaxing digito-pressure full body soothing effleurage performed with a blend of custom aromatic oils. A Warm velvety soft clay masque infused with Jasmine and Green tea s applied to the body to restore vitality to the skin. Allow your therapist to wrap you in a warm cocoon to rest while a face and scalp massage is performed bringing  you to a place of pure serenity. A visit to the rainbow cascade concludes your journey.
90 minutes $135
Oleaslim Detox
An invigorating and circulation boosting body treatment designed to tone and bring vitality to the skin. Begin with a full body dry exfoliation followed by a lympho-massage with a precise blend of  Aroma-therapeutic essential oils. As you relax in a thermal cocoon wrap a scalp acupressure massage soothes the body and mind. Tranquil waters warm mist in the rainbow cascade room complete this renewing experience.
60 minutes $85
California Grape Seed
 A true aromatic experience with crushed grape seeds high in antioxidants from the sacred Indian land and vineyards of Napa Valley. Finely milled seeds are combined with lavender oils and are massaged  into the body to gently remove impurities, dead skin cells  and toxins while leaving your skin glowing, radiant and fully hydrated.  This effective scrub will also work as a relaxation treatment to combat muscular and nervous fatigue. Followed by an aromatic steam session 
60 minutes $85
New England Harvest Body Scrub
An Indulging experience That is an organic Blend of rejuvenating Cranberries, Pomegranate, green tea, and raw cane granules with the uplifting scent of lemongrass. This body scrub will leave your skin radiant and glowing, combined  hydrating and nourishing natural oils and butters to leave your skin silky soft.This exfoliation body treatment enhances your body's natural detoxification mechanism to promote overall wellbeing. Followed by a visit to the Rainbow Cascade Room.
60 minutes $85
Herbal Oil Scalp Therapy
A luxury blend of hair and scalp treatment oils rich in an aromatherapy blend is designed to soothe and restore. Allow your senses to be swept away as this warm essential oils are massaged into your scalp followed by a thermal heat wrap.
   This deluxe hydrating treatment is a relaxing way to restore luster to overworked, dry or damaged hair. Includes a head, neck and face massage. You may use shower following treatment to wash hair or leave oils on scalp for deeper hydration. May be added to any service.
30 minutes  $60
Rainbow Cascade Room
The Rainbow Cascade Room is dedicated to treating it’s guest’s overall wellness; awakening physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels by energizing the senses. Dually, equipped with a shower and steam room, we invite you to relax, unwind and envelope your senses in a cascade of aromatics, light, and water.
• Escape in the tranquil color-soaked vapor as pure
  essential oils are diffused to stimulate the senses.
• Surround yourself in a warming sequential rainbow of
  chromotherapy. Showering your essence with the soothing
  hues of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Let
  yourself heal as the emerging fog becomes a vibrant
  showcase of color.
• Hydrating steam and pure essential oils are diffused to
  stimulate the senses. The inhalation of eucalyptus
  aromatherapy deeply relaxes and hydrates our guests.
Close your session with a cascading rainbow rinse. This session rejuvenates your mind, spirit and physical well-being. We recommend a steam session prior to your massage or body treatment; or as a treatment on its own!
30 minutes $40
$20 with treatment
Body Bronzer
In a matter of minutes you can enjoy the sun-kissed glow of a day at the beach without the risk of damaging ultra-violet exposure. The sunless tanner is the perfect solution for those who want a natural looking tan all year round. Enriched with healthy antioxidants and moisturizers this breakthrough lotion is applied after an exfoliating body scrub. No fuss, no mess, no streaking, just the radiant glow of silky smooth beautiful bronzed skin!
60 minutes $85 (with scrub)

Client Instructions for Body Bronzing
To insure you receive the maximum benefit from your body bronzer application, please follow the following instructions before your appointment.

Prior to your application:
Shower and shave before your appointment.
Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and slip on shoes.
Do not wear any nylon, wool, or silk clothing "especially bras and panties". (The spa will offer disposable panties.)

After your application: If possible, it is best not to wear a bra the rest of the day. Avoid water contact for at least 3 hours. (This would include perspiring, staying out of the heat, and keeping your body cool as much s possible.)

To achieve a deeper, darker tan, avoid showering until the next morning. Note: When you do shower, a little brown color will rinse off, this is the excess guide color, and is normal the first time you shower after your treatment. After your first shower following application, you may wear any type of clothing.

All prices are subject to change.