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Rainbow Cascade Room
The Rainbow Cascade Room is dedicated to treating it’s guest’s overall wellness; awakening physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels by energizing the senses. Dually, equipped with a shower and steam room, we invite you to relax, unwind and envelope your senses in a cascade of aromatics, light, and water.
• Escape in the tranquil color-soaked vapor as pure
  essential oils are diffused to stimulate the senses.
• Surround yourself in a warming sequential rainbow of
  chromotherapy. Showering your essence with the soothing
  hues of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Let
  yourself heal as the emerging fog becomes a vibrant
  showcase of color.
• Hydrating steam and pure essential oils are diffused to
  stimulate the senses. The inhalation of eucalyptus
  aromatherapy deeply relaxes and hydrates our guests.
Close your session with a cascading rainbow rinse. This session rejuvenates your mind, spirit and physical well-being. We recommend a steam session prior to your massage or body treatment; or as a treatment on its own!
30 minutes $40
$20 with treatment