Unwind with unique synergistic combinations that will unite the body’s vital energy. Combinations do not include gratuity.

Four Elements of New England

Discover the simple principles of which everything consists.

Experience the benefits and energy of nature to rebalance and destress.

• Earth- New England Harvest Body Scrub

• Water- Rainbow Cascade Room

• Fire- One Hour Harbor Stone Massage

• Air- Spirit of New England

2 hours - $180


Red Rock Rejuvenation

Feel the energy vortexes from Sedona’s natural wonder.

Indulge with a series of body therapies to reconnect with nature.

• Mineral Body Exfoliation

• One Hour Lakota Raindrop Massage
• Rainbow Cascade Session

2 hours - $180


Eastern Traditions

Discover the signature therapies proven to rejuvenate through centuries of practice in the Far East. A combination of time honored traditions.
• 1 Hour Tibetian Bamboo Massage

• Acupressure Honey Lift Facial

2Ό hours - $190


Ayurvedic Journey

Ayurveda is a tradition of India and is the art of living in harmony with nature. After a brief quiz, we determine your Dosha type and a series of therapies leave you rejuvenated with a sense of well being.

• Ayurvedic Facial

• One Hour Dosha Wrap

• One Hour Shirodhara

3½ hours - $290