Online Privacy and Login Problems

Information that we collect.

The OnLine Booking system does not collect any information from your computer.  Only the information you explicitly submit - name, street name, and email address for current customers (also mailing address and phone number for new customers) - is sent to us.  This information is used in the same way as if you came into our business, and filled out the information on paper, and is placed directly into our files to ensure your privacy.

Why we use Cookies.

The OnLine Booking system uses Cookies for 2 purposes.  First, these cookies save your login information on your local computer.  This information is not sent to anyone but us, and the cookies we save on your computer are not visible to anyone but us.  By saving this information, we save you the trouble of filling out the log in screen every time you book an appointment online.  Second, we use 'Session cookies' to provide a smooth browsing experience.  This information is not stored anywhere, and is deleted after you close your browser.

Why can I not log in?

Login problems usually occur due to one of two reasons.  First, if you are a current customer, your information must match exactly to the information already on file.  This is both to protect your privacy, and to ensure that our records remain accurate.  If you get a message that your information does not match our records or your session has timed out, that probably means that your information is not correct in our records.  Please contact us, and we will verify our records.  Second, some internet users have set their privacy settings so that cookies are not accepted.  In order for the OnLine system to work correctly, cookies must be enabled.  Any privacy levels but 'High' and 'Block All Cookies' will work, but we recommend setting your browser to the 'Default Level' (note: some browsers do not have these options - if your browser does not allow you to change privacy settings, you do not need to check these settings).

How to set Cookie Privacy Settings to Default Level on your computer.

Bring up Internet Explorer on your computer, go to Tools on the toolbar at the top of the page,  go to 'Internet Options', then go to 'Privacy' at the top of this screen.

Privacy Screen... While in this screen, click on the Default button, then click 'Ok'.

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