Kent's 2006

Prius Information


This is my modification page for the 2006 Prius Package 7.

 I want to thank for all the information that has allowed me to enhance the already great car. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

60K miles, 7/27/09,  and the Prius is still performing well. I have replaced the tires and the 12v battery, otherwise I have performed only the recommended maintenance. 


Hybrid fest 2008

Subwoofer Pictures

The second project was to install a subwoofer into the Prius. I chose the Kenwood KSC-SW1 after reading many recommendations. I can say, I'm thrilled with the bass after installation. I installed it under the back hatch above the spare tire.

One of the nice features of the subwoofer is a remote head that allows you to control the crossover frequency along with the amount of bass desired. Depending on the song, you can adjust the bass quite easily without taking your eyes off the road.

The switched power was pulled from the JBL amplifier located under the passengers seat. The constant power source was taken directly from the battery.

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Rear Speaker Replacement - Special thanks for Sparky's Guide

The first picture is the factory speaker. As you can see they are much larger in the 2006 model, but still need replaced to get excellent sound quality. The disassembly of the rear door is made easy by Sparky's Guide. I bought Dynamat to make sure that the new speaker did not rattle in the door. I did have to drill one new hole to make the plate work with the Prius.

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Computer Installation

I'd like to explain some of the wires shown coming from the computer. Two of the cables are USB cables that go to the front of the car, one to the touch screen, other USB is open to attach a keyboard. The cable to the far left is the VGA cable that runs to the VGA Touch Screen shown below. 

Finally, the card sticking out of the computer is a Verizon 5920 Wireless Internet card. I have an external amplifier, 2 watts that has an external antenna mounted on the right side of the car.

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VGA Touch Screen Monitor

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Monitor4.jpg (1310231 bytes)

I know every Prius looks like this, but it nice to show the subwoofer and computer hidden.

IMG_1081.JPG (524232 bytes)

I tried to use the computer to play DVD's but unfortunately the CPU is a little underpowered to handle playing DVD's. I had a left over car DVD player from a previous vehicle. Luckily, the VGA monitor allows for two separate inputs for video and one for VGA.

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DSC01524.JPG (152674 bytes)

Coastal Electronics EV Switch

One of the best improvements to the Prius I've done. No pictures, but I live in town and I like to control when the EV is activated. I drive through a lot of two traffic light towns followed by 15 minutes of open road. Switching on the EV to go through town keeps the engine off the whole time in town, (speed limit 25 mph), and it has plenty of time to recharge on the other side. I won't say the MPG is up, but I enjoy having the option.

New Tires - (Why did I wait)

Installed 195/60-15 Goodyear Assurance ComforTred tires. Road noise was significantly reduced along with great handling on wet roads.

CarTek Seat Warmers installed under Wet Okole Seat Covers

Installed new seat covers for the front and rear using the Wet Okole Seat Covers. They are great quality and stretch over the existing seats without too much difficulty. You do have to remove the rear bottom seat to get the cover on in the back due to the center seatbelt. See all the information at

CarTek seat warmers are installed under the Wet Okole covers making a nice warm seat in the winters of Ohio. Seats are warm within a couple minutes. Great addition for under $200 dollars.

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Hymotion upgrade installed 10/07/08.

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IMG_7566.JPG (2010270 bytes) Fitzgerald Toyota in Maryland